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Burgundy/gold  flowers            Grapes mini                                   violets with gold                           rose buds

Burgundy and purple pansies                                                        Purple pansies

                   Blue flowers bunch                                                                      Blue flowers around

Burgundy flowers around                                                                             Burgundy flowers bunch


Fall leaves                                                                                                      Pure magenta roses

Platter/Plate/Snack bowl set  violets                                                 Platter/plate set all around  

Platter violets all around                                                                                           Platter pansies

Burgundy and gold roses                                                                 Rose buds

Burgundy rose buds                                                                       Purple pansies and yellow flowers

Platter/Plate/Snack bowl set grapes mini                                                          Platter /Plate set grapes mini

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